Global founders fund

Outperform the global stock market over the long-term.
(Long-term, by our definition, is the timeframe of at least one market cycle)
Wholesale, open-ended unit trust
Minimum investment
AUD $100,000
Daily, additional investments and withdrawals are processed via the investor portal
10 to 20 stocks
Inception date
7 July 2017
Annual, ex-distribution date of 30 June, paid in July each year. Option to reinvest distributions is available.
Investor reporting
  • Investor portal tracks individual investor returns
  • Biannual investment strategy letters
  • Annual transaction, performance and tax statements
Long only, unhedged
MSCI All Country World Net Index (in AUD)

Fee structure

Ongoing fees

1.20% p.a.

Performance fees

Our performance fee is unique and incentivises genuine long-term outperformance.
Performance fees are a function of returns generated. Returns for each investor are:

  • individually tracked; and
  • measured from the entry date into the fund; there is no reset – outperformance needs to be achieved over the entire duration of an investment, not just a single period. For example, after the first year of investment, your outperformance is measured over the first year. The following year, the outperformance is measured over 2 years. The year after that, outperformance is measured over 3 years.

Performance Fee of 16.5% of the outperformance applies only if:

  1. returns exceed the benchmark; and
  2. the outperformance is achieved over the entire duration of the investment; and
  3. overall returns are positive; and
  4. exceed the high watermark.

Performance Fees are calculated every 30 June and when you exit the Fund.

Investor portal

Track returns, transactions and access annual tax statements via the investor portal:



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